Saturday, January 19, 2013

Manti Te'o on Catfish the MTV TV Show?

Having an exclusive story with Manti Te'o is a great idea, but unfortunately this flyer is just as fake as Manti's girflfriend. I made this advertisement simply for fun this weekend after hearing this controversy drowning the news. Taking a break from TV was a must, so a creative design was in order.

The software program I used to create this advertisement was:

Adobe Photoshop CS6

In creating this advertisement, I appropriated the catfish logo, MTV symbol, and the largest image of Manti Te'o that I could find.  Manti Te'o's body was removed from its background using the "Quick Selection" Tool, while the other two images were removed from their backgrounds by using the "Magic Wand" Tool. Catfish barbels, also known as whiskers, were added to spice up the satire of the advertisement and then a Luminosity effect was given to the image for its final touch.

Who knows, maybe this advertisement will become viral enough to get to  MTV's Catfish and can work out a deal with Manti Te'o. I think this controversy and The Catfish TV show blend together really well and the people on the TV Show can relate to Manti's embarrassing experience.

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