Friday, March 1, 2013

What Is New In The Path2Design?

I have some awesome news! I was actually part of an article in the CM-Life newspaper involving my Design Bureau class! The article covers how we get to work with real clients in a classroom setting. Personally, I am working with three clients Solar Cycle Lights, Moore Hall TV, and New Central 34. Read the full article by following the link below.

CM-Life Design Article

Recently I decided to take some time to revise the Velo logo. This logo is for a business idea that I have in store, but still have a long way to go with building my web development skills before this business can move forward.

Below is a logo I worked on to show my appreciation of small businesses. This idea of #heartsmallbiz is a focus on the importance of small businesses being recognized in a local community. We are losing a sense of community with all of the corporate businesses leeching the profits and the entire idea of community away from the people. I hope to create an online community that will counteract this and give strength back into the idea of small businesses throughout our nation. You can show your love for small business by following the brand new Twitter account Heart Small Biz.

I also participated in a St. Patrick's day t-shirt contest for my Design Herd group. The idea was appropriated from the Lucky Charm's character with a couple mug's of beer in his hands to celebrate the Holiday.

In my Advanced Typography class we were assigned a unique assignment where we had to construct 3D type. The assignment was so broad that students have been scrambling to narrow down there ideas to one thing. One night I was at the library and happened to have my camera on me and the idea of creating the word "Face" out of library books would be a brilliant idea. I then went a step further and used books that only involved social media and the internet to give confused viewers an extra hint.

A few graphic design professionals came to CMU recently to speak to the designers on how to attract business, making the transition from school, building a portfolio, and considering making an online portfolio to increase exposure. Once I hone in my skills I will have a website up and running.

As for the latest news, I applied for a graphic design internship in LA through an internship program called "Dream Careers". The tuition is steep, but they provide you everything all inclusive. This includes housing, commuting to work, meals, facilities, speaking events, and other events. Everything is located at the UCLA campus and as a student of the program you are allowed to have access to the UCLA facilities. It also provides school credits and a 100% guarantee for an internship of your choice with some of the top companies like (Yahoo, MTV, Millennium Films, etc). They also provide other internships throughout the U.S. and even outside of the U.S. as well. I decided to apply to the LA program because it seemed to be the most suitable to my interests as a graphic designer. Working for an entertainment agency would literally be a nice taste of a dream career. So if you are interested in finding an internship that is catered to you, the ability to network with other interns, and make your experience more accommodating to the transition into a real life work situation then this might be a great opportunity to check out. The website to get there is is

If you are a student graphic designer and have any questions about building a portfolio, how to get into the graphic design program at your school, networking, finding tutorial websites, specific questions about my projects, or any other general advice I would gladly help you out. Please leave comments and suggestions as well because I will be happy to hear your advice as I continue this journey on the Path2Design.

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  1. First impression is really important, whether in personal or in business. That’s why web development and designing become in demand these days, as it offers attractive result for site owners; and just like you mentioned, it really increase exposure. The good thing is there are lots of open classes or courses for this that can help you in this department. The logo looks great, by the way. I hope your business will come into shape soon.

    Frida Stanton